New Fresh Firebird Mascara

While I am quite attached to my Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, I am an undying beauty junkie. So when the opportunity arose to try a new mascara, I jumped to the task. Fresh's new Firebird Mascara is housed in an absolutely stunning dark green tube with a gold feather pattern on it. The brush and its bristles are HUGE. A few gentle swipes on my lashes and they are coating well. It creates more of a feathery, 70s look than my usual thick dramatic volumized lashes but I like it just the same. Different is good sometimes, you know?! My only complaint is that after 5 hours or so, it seems to fall and smudge a bit on me. Must be because of the super nourishing ingredients like seabuckthorn berry oil, red algae, and panthenol in it... right?! Well, I still say try it out yourself, the tube alone is worth it, if your a sucker for beautiful packaging like me. Available at and at Sephora starting in August. Lash Lovely!

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  1. marisol says:

    Hi Beth – I wonder if it would hold up better with a primer. I really like the packaging. I may try it just for that. LOL

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