Camouflage Your Dark Circles with Powderflage by Benefit

Sleepless nights call for some major cover up operations. Being such a beauty junkie, I never just use one product to attack a flaw, I go for at least a combo of two or three. Lately, a new piece of ammo in my routine to hide dark circles has been Benefit's Powderflage. A very light, super fine powder that instantly brightens and refracts light, hiding those evil shadows. I apply it after my under eye concealer choice of the day. It seems to help set the cover up as well. The camouflage tin it comes in is very cute, I think. It includes a tiny fan brush, perfect for applying the powder, which is housed in an adorable pink sphere. Available at for $28. Camouflage Lovely!

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2 responses to “Camouflage Your Dark Circles with Powderflage by Benefit”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that this powder can be used on different ethnic skins? Is it translucent?

  2. Anonymous says:

    anon – yes i think it is translucent, just has a pink tone to it but i have olive skin and it works very well on me.

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