Welcome to the new look of Beauty Junkie in SF!

After weeks and weeks of work, mostly by my awesome co-workers, my new site is here! Now I am an official website, off of blogger and on to on to the awesome WordPress! I hope you are as excited as I am... though that is doubtful!

If you were re-directed here from my very old blogspot address, please update your links.  Thanks!

Happy Long Weekend!

5 responses to “Welcome to the new look of Beauty Junkie in SF!”

  1. Hey girlie! Just wanted to say the site looks great! The redesign was totally worth it. I'm actually a beauty blogger in SF too! We should totally do a meet-up with all the Bay Area bloggers!

  2. Beth says:

    That would be fun! I've talked with some of the other beauty/fashion bloggers in the area at past events about doing that but we never actually do it…

  3. Just stopping by… the new site looks great!

  4. lady kingdom says:

    congratulation with this new look site …

    keep posting 🙂

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