BIOMEGA’s Firm and Fabulous Hairspray builds fullness without stiffness

I am always on the lookout for hairsprays that help hold the blown out look I create after I blow dry, but don't add any stiffness and don't weight my hair down, since its so damn fine and thin. Well BIOMEGA's new Firm and Fabulous Hairspray does just that. I spray it on my blown out lose and down, shoulder length hair and it helps the fullness and body the blowdryer created actually last! It is meant to be used in layers, to create fullness. So you spray some on, brush it through if you want, and then continue to add more until your get the hold you are looking for. I'm not sure it would be a good hairspray for up-dos, but for my purposes, it is fabulous!!! Fullness Lovely!

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