San Francisco Spa Review: A Relaxing Anti-Aging Facial from a Burke Williams Spa

Almost a month ago I posted about Burke William Spa's great Mother's Day Gift Packages available starting May 15th. Then they asked if I would like to go visit their spa here in San Francisco and try a treatment out for myself, so that I can tell you all about it. I felt like the luckiest beauty junkie in the world. I had never been to a Burke Williams Spa but I had heard lots of good things from friends. Saturday afternoon, I was treated to a few hours of spa luxury and an anti-aging facial by the very sweet and knowledgable Winnie. I got to the Burke Williams Spa San Francisco, located in the the top of the San Francisco Shopping Centre, next to the movie theatre. Once you are inside, you completely forget you are inside a mall. I arrived about 45 minutes before my facial appointment so that I could enjoy some of the spa's facilities before hand. I was shown to my locker and given a tour. I changed into my robe and headed to the steam room, my absolute favorite thing! I enjoy it even more than the hot tub, which was good because the hot tub was full of young women. I think someone was having a birthday or bridal party of sorts. It was a little loud to be honest, but I guess that if I was there with a couple friends I would be talking and laughing too. Maybe if you are looking for a more relaxed, calm, quiet spa experience, go during the work week. Saturday afternoon I imagine is their busiest time and often filled with large groups. After about 15 minutes in the steam room and a bit in the sauna, which I like less but is still nice, I headed to the shower. I did not bring a bathing suit, which was fine because it is a "european style" spa, but most of the women there were wearing bathing suits. I imagine, again, this might have been due to the time and type of crowd, but if you are unsure, bringing a suit is probably a good idea. After showering, I headed to the waiting room for my facial. There were at least 15 others waiting for their 3pm appointments, wow! It is a big place. Winnie called my name and I went with her to the very private, dark and calm facial room. There was calming music playing and I was instantly more relaxed than I had been listening to the ladies gab and giggle. My 75 minute Anti-Aging Facial was excellent. I've never had a more relaxing, soothing facial. She did a few extractions around my nose, but mostly the treatment was calming and comforting. My hands were treated to a paraffin dip and my feet, shoulders, head, neck and face were massaged gently. I definitely think I dosed off a few times. Ahhhhh. So relaxing. The only thing that wasn't relaxing, and Winnie warned me of this, was the air gun she used to apply two different serums to my face. One was their Triple C Serum, packed with vitamin C to fight free radical damage, firm skin and boost collagen and elastin. The other was their Transform R3, which has Peptides to stimulate collagen production and Retinol to increase cell turnover and regenerate the skin. The air gun is supposed to get the serums into your skin better. It doesn't hurt at all, it is just loud and feels like a light mist being sprayed over your face. My face looked pretty great afterwards, which my friends who I met up with after were surprised about. "Isn't a facial supposed to make you look blotchy and a mess?" Not this facial. I left feeling super relaxed and my face felt amazing. Burke Williams has thought of pretty much everything when it comes to providing a full service spa experience. There was everything I needed to get ready afterwords, from body lotion to hair gel. I didn't even need to bring my own round brush. All I needed was my makeup bag. I left feeling great and of course went shopping after, hard not to when you're already in the mall. Right now, the Anti-Aging Facial is on special: try it now for just $169 (regularly $195); $179 in San Francisco (regularly $215). If you think your mother would enjoy a luxurius day at Burke Williams and she lives in San Francisco, or near one of their other 8 locations throughout California, buy her an anti-aging facial, a whole package of services or give her a gift card. Or just treat yourself to a day at the spa. You are worth it! The Mother’s Day packages are available starting May 15th. The Anti-Aging Facial is on special through May 31st, read the fine print here. Spa Lovely!

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