Get the Look: The Katniss braid from The Hunger Games with Sachajuan Professional Haircare

Are you obsessed with The Hunger Games like everyone else? Want to get that goregous braid Katniss wears? Follow the steps below to get her very pretty and yet tough looking side braid. The Katniss Braid by Astrid Jaramillo-Chacon 1. Brush hair out well. 2. Use a comb, make tw triangular sections at the forehead, the base of the triangles along the hairline. 3. Apply Sachajuan Volume Powder to the roots at your sectioned parts throughout the braid. 4. Section out a second part undernearth the first about three inches back from the forehead. 5. Use Sachajuan Medium Hold Hairspray on each section to add grip. 6. The second piece/section goes under first and first goes OVER the second, etc. 7. Braid as usual, but the key is to remember that as the barid goes to one side, the pieces you pull from the opposite side must always go under and the outside pieces always go over. 8. Continue the braid so that it wraps in the opposite direction around the back of the head. 9. Secure to the side with bobby pins. 10. When finished, spray a little extra Volume Powder at the roots to keep volume and then finish it all over with the Medium Hold Hairspray.

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