San Francisco Bay Area Spa Review: Body by Melisa in Oakland, California and Deals

Spa Week is fast approaching (April 16th to April 22nd), have you booked your appointments yet? If not you better jump on it! I do have a lead for you on a local place in Oakland, California on Piedmont Avenue if you are in the Bay Area and in need of a calming massage or revitalizing facial stat! Body by Melisa is a lovely, homey, intimate spa that is participating in Spa Week this April (but they’re making it Spa Month!), so if she doesn't have an appointment during actually Spa Week, you can still get any of the $50 spa treatments she has on special anytime in April, even if you are a return client. The treatments she is offering are: $50 55 Min Skin Bella Signature Spa Facial with Microdermabrasion Treatment and Serum Infusion $50 55 minute Hot Stone or Healing Massage with Aromatherapy Treatment $50 55 Min Dermosonic Heat-Therapy Cellulite/Fat Reduction Treatment Utilizing Ultra-Sound Technology I got to try out the 55 minute Hot Stone Massage with Aromatherapy. It was very very relaxing and exactly what I needed after the month that I've had. I'm not really the biggest fan of massages, especially the intense, make you cry they hurt so good kind. Well this massage was nothing like that. It was calming and relaxing. The hot stones warmed my muscles and the massuse's gentle hands turned me into jelly. The oils she used and the candles in the room let me let go of my stresses, if only for 55 minutes, but enough for me to feel a heck of a lot better. Ahhhhh. Body by Melisa's spa in in a second floor apartment, laid out in the typical train car, long and skinny SF style, not unsimilar to my own SF apartment. You feel like someone has invited you into their home, not some big corporate spa. She has calming shrines (pictured) and the sweetest, calmest spa dog that just hangs out on the couch (pictured). Melisa's signature is really her facials, so if I were you I would try that out if you can. But the massage was lovely as well. I encourage you to check out her spa, this month or any month at all. Spa Lovely!

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