Beautiful Foods to Help Keep your Skin Healthy This Summer from Lauren Schmitt

This site is primarily about beauty products that help make your skin look good and enhance your natural beauty. But there are other ways to improve your beautiful looks... why with food of course! You should care for your skin from the inside out as well, it will thank you. And I found just the expert to help find the food we should eat. Lauren Schmitt, owner of Healthy Eating And Training Inc. offered me some helpful tips to help keep skin beautiful this summer, and year round. Lauren, based in Los Angeles, is a registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer. Lauren has extensive experience in the field of nutrition. In addition to seeing clients in her private practice, Lauren has developed nutrition programs for major corporations. She is currently the onsite nutritionist at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation. I asked Lauren to come up with a list of foods you can eat to help you achieve a beautiful, naturally healthy looking skin and complexion. Her are her answers: Not only does Dark Chocolate brings a smile to our face but dark it contains flavonols which are antioxidants that protects the skin from the sun and keep your skin smoother. Beans, Lean Red Meats, Lentils, Eggs, Fortified Cereals and Spinach all these foods can be helpful if you are suffering from iron deficiency which causes the skin to be pale and can make dark circles to form under your eyes.  Lauren recommends eating plant-based sources of iron along side Vitamin C for better absorption.  It is a win win for your skin when you put those two nutrients together. Vitamin A helps maintain the cells of the skin.  Vitamin A is readily available in Liver.  For those who are not too keen on liver, try Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, and Kale.  These plant based foods contain carotenoids which are an antioxidant that can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Flaxseed, chia seed, salmon, and walnuts all contain omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation in the human body and more specifically the skin.  Throw your flax or chia seeds in a smoothie or oatmeal while eating a salmon salad with chopped walnuts and you will have a full load of powerful skin boosting omega 3’s. Check out Lauren's website for more healthy food and lifestyle tips, Eat Lovely!

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    Healthy eating is so much more important to skin care than I think a lot of people realize! Great post.

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