Get the Look: Mine by Tracy Davis, YSL’s National Artist

Last Thursday I took a few hours off work and headed to Bloomingdales to meet the Yves Saint Laurent's Artistry Team and get my makeup done by Tracy Davis, YSL's National Artist. It was such fun, everyone who works at the YSL counter and the artistry team, Adrian and Tracy, were sooo fun and sweet. I had a blast and ended up breaking the bank a little stocking up on YSL products... hazards of this hobby I guess. They started by taking off my makeup and then Adrian applied some of the new YSL skincare system. Their new skincare line has some of the most advanced science behind it. Seriously, this stuff was researched and invented at MIT. It won a Nobel Prize! I'm not going to get into the details in this post, but you can watch a video on their website that talks about the wonders of Glycobiology and their Forever Youth Liberator skincare system. Its pretty high tech stuff, like nothing you've ever seen before. Then Tracy got to work on my makeup. Here are most the products she used. I didn't write them all down, but I remember the important ones (since I bought most of them!): FACE: Tracy applied a light layer of TEINT RADIANCE SPF 20, a liquid foundation that covers flaws and leaves your skin radiant. Then she when to town with my favorite magic pen, TOUCHE ÉCLAT radiance and concealer in one! She applied it under my eyes, around my mouth, on top of my cheekbones, around my eyes, around my eye brows, and beyond. She used both #1 and #2.5, 1 I think for a true highlight in a few places and then mostly 2.5, which I ended up buying. Love my magic pen! For my cheeks she used CRÈME DE BLUSH in #2 Powdery Rose. I loved this blush, it is so easy to apply and looks exactly like a pretty natural flush on me. I bought this as well. She then used just a touch of POUDRE DE SOLEIL bronzer that is literally made for my color complexion. It just added the subtlest hint of color and shimmer, but didn't look orangey or fake. Love. EYES: For my eyes, Tracy used the new PURE CHROMATICS shadow palette in #7 from the Summer 2012 collection. She used the pink shade all over my lid, the maroon shade in the outer corners, the gold in the under corners, and the white as a highlighter. She lined my whole inner eye, top and bottom with WATERPROOF EYE PENCIL in #5 Simmering Burgundy, a very dark purple. My lashes already had VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS in #6 Deep Night, a dark dark blue-green mascara, and I think it complimented the look perfectly. My eyes really poped, that gold set off their blue perfectly. LIPS: I've already written about how much I love YSL's new ROUGE PUR COUTURE VERNIS À LÈVRES GLOSSY STAINS but Tracy picked out a color I never would have tried, #17 Encre Rose. It is a very blue pink, shockingly so. But on me, it looks great! I loved it so much, I bought it too! On top of the stain, she put one of the new GOLDEN GLOSS lip glosses in #51 Golden Shelle for a touch of golden shimmer. You always need a bit of gold on top, right?! I loved my look and I loved meeting Tracy, Adrian, the regional artist, and Patrick, the YSL manager at SF Bloomingdale's. It was truly a fun event. I can't wait for the next! YSL Lovely!

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