My Weekend Manicures – Yes that is Plural – From Nails Inc and L’Oreal

I have already painted my nails twice this weekend, and I am still not satisfied. Argh. I guess it is just one of those times when no matter how hard you try, stuff gets in the way. I can’t always have great nails. I ¬†may just need to go and get a professional manicure before my trip to NYC on thursday.

First, friday night, I attempted a hot, bright look with the polish I got from my Sephora “I had a bad day” Haul, Nails Inc Neon Polish in Holland Park. This polish surprised me. It didn’t go on very evenly in coat one, which I figured would be cured in coat two. But no, it was still not all the same color, which I guess is a trendy look so I tried to roll with it. Think of it as kind of like a see-through purple-red jolly rancher candy. Except not, because this color is actually pretty matte, without any top coat on it. Ok fine… but it would NOT dry so an hour later when I had to rush off to the Nordstrom NARS event, I screwed them up in multiple places. Ugh, such a mess. I tried to fix them the next day, but got fed up and so after another trip to the drugstore, I found a fun new polish to try a do-over for my nails.

I continue to love L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polishes, so I tried¬†Eiffel For You, a posh light grey. It looked fab, as you can see in the photo. Then I did some dishes 3 hours later… silly me, thinking that was ok. UGH! Only 3 nails were really effected and not terribly noticably so, so I am going to rock them until I have time to paint my nails and then sit for HOURS without doing anything… or just go get a professional manicure sometime between now and Thursday evening when I get on my red eye to JFK. Life of a beauty blogger. So rough.

Nail Lovely!

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