Squeeze Your Lashes: LashControl Squeeze Mascara

I remember the days of having to use a tissue to wipe off my mascara wand because the bottle allowed the brush to come out with too much product on it. Well no more! This new mascara allows you to do that step while the wand is still on the bottle. LashControl Mascara allows you to squeeze the tube to control how much mascara is on the brush. I find that I don't always squeeze, since i like my lashes on the thicker side, but for a second coat or to brush out any clumps, squeezing the brush on the way out of the tube seems to really work. I tried the Purple Squeeze, LashControl Volume Mascara. I found the formula excellent. It doesn't smudge, smear or fall through the day and then washes off easily. It doesn't give me overly thick lashes though, so I am not sure I wouldn't call this a true "volumizing" mascara, but it is a great everyday, natural black mascara. I like my lashes on the thicker side, so that is just me. LashControl Mascara is $20, and available on lashcontrol.com. There is also Pink Lengthening and Clear, which can be used as a top coat or in brows. Squeeze Lovely!

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  1. Thelma says:

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