Transport Yourself This Summer with LAVANILA’s Vanilla Summer Scent

No summer vacations planned for me. Maybe I'll try for a winter vacation somewhere warm, but no Caribbean getaway for me this year I don't think. Instead I will live through scent, with Lavanila Laboratories limited edition fragrance, Vanilla Summer. It combines fresh mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, island sugar cane with a base of warm Madagascar vanilla. I don't usually like vanilla based scents but this one is actually very yummy. The new, limited edition scent comes in a Vanilla Summer Healthy Roller Ball for $19 for .32 oz, a very chic and portable item you can stash into your beach bag, suitcase or party clutch this summer. I'm a big fan of the mid-party perfume pick-me-up, so I can see this alluring, beachy scent being a great item to carry around. I got to sample the Vanilla Summer Healthy Deodorant, which cost $18 but unfortuantely, while the scent is nice, I would not recommend it for anyone who actually sweats. It is a 100% natural deodorant, which I am sure is healthier for your body than an antiperspirant. But it did not cover up enough of my natural scent and I felt a little self conscience about 4 hours into my day. The formula is developed to nourish and protect the delicate underarm area, but driness and odor elimination is more important to me. But I don't know how you feel, but I think I'll stick with my regular antiperspirant and then layer on the perfume and reply to my hearts content with the rollerball. Lavanila Laboratories Summer Vanilla fragrance can be found at, and Sephora stores nationwide. Summer Lovely!

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