San Francisco Spa Review: The New Bliss Pedicure and 24-‘heaven’ healing body balm

Last week I got to try the lastest edition to the pedicure lineup available at Bliss Spas. I obviously went to the Bliss Spa in the W hotel in downtown San Francisco. I was fantastically luxurious and my toes looked picture perfect and my heels felt buttery soft. The new bliss ‘heel’-lelujah! pedicure is meant to heal even to most dry, cracked feet, especially heels. I don't know about you but my heels gets super dry and scaly during the summer when I'm wearing sandals all the time. This treatment includes an oatmeal bath soak, a foot mask that then allows the tech to removed each and every callase. Then you get an awesome massage with Bliss's new high intensity 24-‘heaven’ healing body balm which they warm up first, always makes for a better massage. They of course they pretty up your toes with any one of the hundreds of polishes they have available, from Essie, OPI, CND, and more. The price is a bit more than I typically spend on a pedicure, but for a special treat, its worth it. The bliss ‘heel’-lelujah! pedicure costs $70 and lasts about 60 minutes. Book yours today. I also got my very own jar of bliss's new 24-‘heaven’ healing body balm as well to try out. I actually used it one day before my pedicure to soften my heels. I was stuck in bed with a terrible sore throat and bored. So I slathered on this super thick body butter-like balm all over my dry feet and then after about 20 minutes, wiped it off and used a pumice stone to gets tons of dry skin off my heels and balls of my feet. I think the best part of this balm is that it contains exfoliating lactic acid. So not only does it sooth and protect with soften oatmeal, it slouphs off the unwanted dead skin and hydrates. It is clinically proved to moisturize for 24 hours, breaking the cycle of dry skin to leave it smooth, healthy and gloriously soft. A-mazing. I love this stuff for elbows, knees, even hands before bed. It will banish any dry, flaky skin in its path. The 24-‘heaven’ healing body balm costs $35, available at bliss spas,, Sephora and Blue Mercury. Balm Lovely!

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2 responses to “San Francisco Spa Review: The New Bliss Pedicure and 24-‘heaven’ healing body balm”

  1. Barbara says:

    I ca vouch for that. The 24-heaven healing body balm is absolutely amazing. A luxury but worth every penny!



  2. Belleza says:

    Absolutely amazing definitely worth every penny.

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