San Francisco Salon Review: My Flamboyage Highlights from Davines at Festoon Salon

I haven't been very adventuresome with my hair coloring in the past. In fact, before April, I had not highlighted my dark blonde hair in 3 years. I did some subtle highlights then, but last week I dived head first into bright and bold highlights at Festoon Salon in San Francisco during their Flamboyage Fiesta! Flamboyage is a new coloring technique developed by the artistic director of Davines, Angelo Seminara. It is designed to allow the colorist to add color in a more spontaneous way. They achieve this by using these really cool adhesive strips, instead of foils. The hair is sectioned by laying down the adhesive and allowing that to pull off a layer of hair. The effect is much more random and unique than your can achieve with a foil and a metal stick. It seems so obvious but this is a brilliant method for adding color to hair was only just developed. It makes so much sense we you see it being done. My highlights turned out fabulous. They used two shades of blonde and I have a few gorgeous streaks of bright blond right near my face. The color wasn't applied too close to my scalp, so grow out will not be an issue. It is a little less "natural" that highlights I've had in the past but I am so glad I went for it. I feel fabulous! The other girls looks great too. One girl was a very light blond that got low lights under her top layers and it was beautiful, like spun gold. A dark brunette who had never ever died her hair got some auburn highlights that looks subtle and gorgeous. Flamboyage for everyone! Everyone at Festoon Salon were amazing. They have a beautiful salon in SF. I have also been to their Berkeley location which is bigger and even busier with a clear reason why; they have a very dedicated clientele. I got my haircut there back in February and was very happy with the results. They have an extensive apprenticeship program, so no matter your budget, you can get a great cut from an educated stylist. They carry some great hair brands as well, including Davines, which I am currently obsessed with. This Italian brand is all about sustainable beauty so their products are natural with a focus on results. I'll be writing up a set of their shampoo and conditioners I got to try as well, the Volu line. It smells divine! I highly recommend if you need color, or a cut, check out Festoon Salon in San Francisco or Berkeley. And now, you can book your appointment online, I always love that. Flamboyage Lovely!

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