Protect Your Paws This Fall with Atoplam Moisturizing Hand Treatment

I don't know about you, but when the weather changes in the fall my hands get scary dry. I hate washing my hands, because after I do, I feel like my cuticles are going to instantly crack! And I don't even live in a super dry or cold place. But this time of year, I do not like to be more than a few feet away from hand cream at any given time. The bottle that has made my life less painful? Atoplam's Moisturizing Hand Treatment. I keep it on my desk at work and apply it multiple times a day. It smells of nothing, so my coworkers are not irritated and it drys instantly, leaving zero greasiness on my keyboard. It is also hypoallergenic and paraben free, so it is great for super dry and/or sensitive skin, which I don't have in particular, but nice to know. Not to mention it is a bargain, retailing at your local drugstore or Ulta at $18 for 4 floz. So pick up a bottle or two of Atoplam's Moisturizing Hand Treatment today. It is going to be a long fall and then winter for your hands!. Better keep them soft and protected with Atopalm. Fall Lovely!

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