We hit the 1,000 Posts Mark!

I know I've been majorly MIA these past few months, but WordPress is informing me that after a little over 5 years in existence, Beauty Junkie in SF has reach a rather impressive milestone - 1,000 posts. I guess over the course of 5 years that is not insanely high, but I still think it is work mentioning! Thanks to all my friends and family for the support and I hope you continue to enjoy the fruits/extra samples of my blogging. And thanks to all readers who have stumbled on to Beauty Junkie in SF and liked us on Facebook, followed on Twitter or Instagram, or just checked back occasionally to see what's new in beauty and in San Francisco. You are appreciated! Hopefully I occasionally provide useful and interesting things for you to see! I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the top most visited posts in Beauty Junkie's history. A couple are recent but some go as far back as March of 2008! Awesome. Here they are in order of most page views: 1. THE SOLUTION TO FINE, THIN HAIR: AVEDA’S INVATI™ HAIRCARE COLLECTION (March 2013) 2. MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUME EXPRESS MASCARA WITH DIAMONDS (April 2010) 3. CAUDALIE REVIEW: MIXED RESULTS (March 2008) 4. MAC PAINT POT IN PAINTERLY – AMAZING EYESHADOW BASE! (June 2010) 5. VICHY AQUALIA ANTI-OX PRODUCT REVIEW: SERIOUS ANTIOXIDANTS (March 2010) Apparently March is a good month. 1,000 Lovely!

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